5 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubliee 1935-2010 GEM BUNC coin of Bombay Mint

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5 Rupees Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubliee 1935-2010 GEM BUNC coin of Bombay Mint


ISSUE: The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) was established in India on 1st April, 1935. It
regulates the issue of bank notes, keeps reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in
India and operates the currency and credit system in the best interests of the country. The Central
Office of the Reserve Bank was initially established in Kolkata, but was permanently moved to
Mumbai in 1937.
To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of establishment of RBI in 2010, India issued this 5
rupees coin on 1st April, 2010, for general circulation. Out of the other 4 coins issued on the
same occasion, the 1 rupee, 2 rupees and the 10 rupees coins were issued for general
circulation and the coin, in the denomination of 75 rupees, was issued as proof / uncirculated

REVERSE:- The reverse of this coin shows the image of the emblem of Reserve Bank of
India, namely Palm Tree and Tiger with inscription "Bharatiya Reserve Bank" in Hindi, on the
left periphery and "RESERVE BANK OF INDIA" in English on the right periphery. The words
"PLATINUM JUBILEE" in both Hindi and English along with year "1935-2010" is also
inscribed below the emblem.

OBSERVE --. The top portion contains words “Bharat” in Hindi and "INDIA" in English, The
bottom portion shows "Rupaye" in Hindi and "RUPEES" in English.The center portion bears the
“Lion capitol” of Ashok Pillar with the legend “Satyameva Jayate” in Hindi inscribed below, the
prominent International numeral “5” indicates the denomination.

Minted at – Bombay.


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Year: 2010

Metal: Nickel-Brass

Weight: 6 Grams

Size: 23 mm

Shape: Circular

Mints: Bombay(C)