2 Rupees Supreme Court of India (Golden Jubliee) Gem Unc Copper Nickel coin of Noida Mint

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The Supreme Court of India is the highest court of the land. It was established on January 28,
1950. Primarily, it is an apellate court which takes up appeals against judgments of the provincial
High Courts. But, it takes writ petitions in cases of serious human rights violations or if it
involves any serious issue that needs immediate resolution. The Golden Jubilee celebration of its
establishment was observed in the year 2000.

On this occassion this 2 rupees coin was issued in November, 2000 for general circulation.
Another 50 rupees coin was issued as uncirculated / proof specimen.

REVERSE: - The reverse of this coin shows the Lion Capital of Ashokan Pillarwith the Ashoka
chakra above it and the slogan "Yato Dharma Stato Jaya" in Sanskrit below it, which means that
where there is virtue (Dharma), there is victory. The inscription in the periphery reads
"SUPREME COURT OF INDIA" in English on the right side and "Bharat Ka Uchchatam
Nyayalaya" in Hindi at the left. Ai the bottom of the periphery ‘1950-2000’ – the fifty years of
establishment of the Supreme Court is shown.

OBSERVE -- The obverse of this coin shows the Ashokan lion ;Satyameva Jayate; in Hindi and
the value ‘2’ in International numerals under it . In English "INDIA" and "RUPEES” appear on
the right periphery and in Hindi "Bharat" and "Rupaye" appear on the left.

MINTED AT – Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida


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Year: 2000

Metal: Copper-Nickel

Weight: 6 Grams

Size: 26 mm

Shape: Eleven Sided

Mint: Bombay(C), Calcutta(C), Noida(C)