2 Rupees Water for Life- World Food Day

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Along with land and air, water is earth’s basic assets. It is directly or indirectly required for all
living creatures and plants for sustaining their lives. No life on this earth can thrive without
water. So man must learn to make rational use of this resource.

To highlight the necessity to give much higher priority for ensuring safe drinking water and
sustainable water supply, this 2 rupees commemorative coin was issued for general circulation
on 16th October, 1994 – the World Food Day.

REVERSE:-The reverse of this coin shows, a stream and a big water drop falling on it, at the
center. The F.A.O. crest appears above the water drop and ‘1994’ -- the year of issue is shown
below the stream. The legend ‘Jal Jivan Ka Adhar Biswa Khadya Divas’ in Hindi appear in two
lines on the top left quadrant and ‘ WATER FOR LIFE WORLD FOOD DAY’ in English appear
in two lines on the top right quadrant of the periphery.

OBSERVE -- The obverse of this coin shows the Ashokan lion;Satyameva Jayate; in Hindi and
the value ‘2’ in International numerals under it . In English "INDIA" and "RUPEES" appear on
the right periphery and in Hindi "Bharat" and "Rupaye" appear on the left .

MINTED AT – Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad

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Year: 1994

Metal: Copper-Nickel

Weight: 6 Grams

Size: 26 mm

Shape: Eleven Sided

Mint: Bombay (C), Calcutta (C), Hyderabad (C)