1 Rupee Maharana Pratap 1540-1597 Gem Unc Stainless Steel Commemorative Coin

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Maharana Pratap (May 9, 1540 – January 29, 1597) was a Hindu ruler of Mewar, a state in
north-western India. In 1568, during the reign of Udai Singh II, Chittor was conquered by the
Mughal emperor Akbar. Maharana Pratap never accepted Akbar as ruler of India, and fought
against Akbar all his life to free Chittor fort, his ancestral home, from Mughal occupation. On
June 21, 1576 he fought with the army of Akbar at Haldighati, Seeing that the battle was lost,
Pratap fled, and escaped to the hills. His one attempt at open confrontation having thus failed,
Pratap resumed the tactics of guerilla warfare. He died on January 29, 1597. Maharana Pratap
has always been held in great esteem in India and was projected as a model of patriotism and
freedom struggle against the Mughal rule in India.

A 1 rupee commemorative coin was issued to commemorate him. The other coins issued in this
theme, in the denomination of 10 rupees and 100 rupees, were only issued as proof and
uncirculated specimens.

REVERSE:- The reverse of this coin shows the effigy of Maharana Pratap with the legend
“MAHARANA PRATAP” in both English and Hindi. It also shows ‘2003’—the year of issue
and ‘1540 – 1597’ his years of birth and death.

OBSERVE: The observe of the coin shows the Ashokan lion at the center and the value ‘50’ just
below it. In English “INDIA” and “PAISE” appear on the right side periphery and in Hindi
“Bharat” and “Paise” appear on the left side.

Minted at – Mumbai, Hyderabad


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Year: 2003

Metal: Ferratic Stainless Steel

Weight: 4.85 Grams

Size: 25 mm

Shape: Circular

Mint: Hyderabad(C)